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About Africa E-Waste


AFRICA E-WASTE services are best described as closing the loop in electronic devices’ life cycle. We offer a complete disposal service of all electronic equipment, from government, to corporates, to individuals, by either refurbing & reselling or dismantling & recycling. E-WASTE is the fastest-growing solid waste stream, currently in the world. With the hunger for new and better, faster, innovation continues to increase and the lifespan of electronic devises are shortened. With only between 15%-25% of E-WASTE being recycled in South Africa the, possible harm to human and environment is escalated!

AFRICA E-WASTE was founded in February 2011. AFRICA E-WASTE, Managing Director Ulze van Wyk, has 5 years experience in e-waste management services. Ulze is currently serving on the board of directors of EWASA. This has placed Ulze in a favorable position in getting first-hand information regarding electronic recycling, the laws locally as well as internationally.

The biggest valueAFRICA E-WASTE brings to the table is the refurbishing of electronic equipment. By selling the equipment into the second hand market both locally and into Africa, ensures a bigger return on the equipment, keeps the equipment away from landfills and gives recyclers technology time to catch up to better ways of recycling before the equipment is recycled.

It is our true belief that - with the increasing maturation of the industry – AFRICA E-WASTE’s role will grow. With our knowledge of solutions, our comprehensive product portfolio, our experience and, above all, with people who understand the industry, AFRICA E-WASTE will translate our clients requirements into solutions and provide them with a competitive advantage in the market. (Being green and clean)



AFRICA E-WASTE offers our disposal of electronic equipmentservice across South Africa and a few of the African countries. No load is too big or small for us, with our many outsource partners

All of our projects get a unique project name and number. Each unit, is scanned in with serial no and has a unique system number allocated to it as well, many of our clients also have their own asset tag numbers and we happily accommodate this number as well.

Each of our reports will have the make, model and spec and condition of the unit per line item captured. There after a detailed report will be sent on working unitsas well as none working units. The working units will have invoiced no, price and comments added. The none working units will have destruction certificateallocated per serial no, of which this leads from another report detailing the weights per category of materials for further auditing purposes.




It is for AFRICA E-WASTEa priority to reuseequipmentwhere possible; to keep it out of the recycling process for as long as possible, only if the client approves reuse of course.

We offer a 6 months warranty on all our working productssold.

All data is removed from the hard drive either on site of client, or at our warehouse.

We supplysanitization certificates with this service.

There after we stress test all devices and reload windows OEM, only where it is legal to do so. We are Microsoft Refurb Registered, we purchase OEM license to ensure our product is completely, legally, license. The units are then cleaned and blown out to ensure all dust and marking are removed. We plastic wrapour product and they are placed on our system as available ready to be sold.




Were it is not possible to reuse an entire unit we selvageany parts and offer them to our customers for sale or use them ourselves to complete another unit to work.




Were it is not possible to refurbisha unit, or the clientdoes not want any of the units to be reused, we dismantle the units. Our staff is well trained in the dismantling of equipment and only wear the highest quality PPE clothing to ensure they are safe when dismantling. Our dismantling is entirely a manual process, creating jobs and saving the planetone dismantling unit at a time. The units are dismantled and separated in to the various material groups, if further dismantling is required, this will also be done. All material is weighed per project name and no, to maintain the weight accuracy per client, per material.

There after we sell of the various materials. All hazardous components that cannot berecycled will follow the correct way to a hazardous land fill site, with the necessary license. All of this is documented and forward to the clients. A destruction certificate is supplied, with the project name and number as well as weightof all the dismantling.


Competitive Advantage


AFRICA E-WASTE’s advantage can be identified in the following factors:

  • Expertise, understanding, and past experience in E-WASTE industry.
  • Capacity, technical expertise, designing solutions, re- building and re-selling, refurbished unitsin the market.
  • Understanding and adhering to legislation.
  • Dismantling and maximizing return on e-Waste scrap
  • Engaging in appropriate resources at all levels
  • Alliances with external partners and supplierswhere necessary.
  • Passion to save the planet for our children’s children and sustainability of mother earth.
  • Commitment to be the bridge between our customers, the legislation and the environment.

Key processes have been identified and the E-WASTE legal and environmentally friendly laws in South Africa as well as the rest of the world are adhered to in every aspect and detail.

Our clients have found AFRICA E-WASTE to be the preferred partner facing these ominous, but vital services.

E-WASTE Management Service entails many different services and AFRICA E-WASTEtailor makes each E-WASTE Management Plan to suite our different clients needs.