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We offer a disposal service to corporate, government and individuals, for their electronic equipment (e.g. computers, printers, laptops, electronic appliances, tools) to be recycled, by either refurbing & reselling or dismantling & recycling.

Clients can either bring their equipment to be recycled to our E-Waste offices in Midrand, Gauteng, or we will come and collect it. We collect all over South Africa (Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Mpumalanga etc.) & Africa (Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Tanzania etc.)

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Our Disposal Services include:
  • E-WASTE Management Plan
    (The recycling of eletronics, etc)

  • Logistics

  • Sales (Computers & Peripherals, etc)

  • Scanning of Serial Numbers

  • Receiving Report

  • Certificates of Safe Disposal 

  • Auditable Reports
  • Collections

  • Sanitize

  • Refurbish

  • Cleaning

  • Warehousing

  • Dismantling

  • Recycling

  • Spares



We offer 2 basic options (which may be combined)


With both option, we offer the following:

  • Collect
  • Scan of all serial no and tag numbers if needed
  • Receiving Report
  • Final report

Option 1

Option 2

  • Refurb of equipment
  • Sanitization of hard drives
  • Spec & Check
  • Send report on what is working & what is not
  • Send proposal (how much we willing to pay) on working units
  • Sell
  • Client invoice AEW
  • AEW Pay Client
  • Send Sanitization Certificate
  • Recycle only
  • Dismantle
  • Send Report
  • Send Destruction Certificate



What are the Costs?


Our main aim is not to charge our clients, but to supply them with a return on investment (ROI). In both our options the below are relevant, but we can deduct the cost from the ROI.

  • Logistics
    This is the biggest cost in our operation.
    We access each project on its own, looking at:
    1.    Address
    2.    Quantity of equipment / material
    3.    Refurb or recycle
    4.    Urgency
  • CRT Monitors
    This is a highly hazardous units and no one in SA up to August 2015can recycle legallyexcept to dispose in Holfontein dumpsite with payment or to export overseas. We dump our monitors in Holfontein and it has a high cost to recycle.
  • Hard Drivesdestruction when video footage is required
  • Refurb, sanitization and handling fees are also charged, but only when we have working units that are viable to resell will these cost come into effect

We offer our services Nationwide and have also assisted companies in Botswana, Mozambique, Zambia & Tanzania.





AFRICA E-WASTEoffers a collection service. All trucks are in good working order, serviced regularly and our staff safety is one of our highest priorities.
Our staff are well trained in the loading of electronic equipment and where ever possible we let them know upfront if the equipment is to be remarket or recycled. This makes a big difference in the loading of the equipment.

AFRICA E-WASTE aim to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum and therefore plan all our trips at least one week in advance.
AFRICA E-WASTE have contracts to outsource some of our collections with professional partners.
AFRICA E-WASTE and client champion will plan all collections to minimize the disruption at client office.

Details to take in consideration:

  • Client date and time for collection
  • Address
  • Does client have storage space
  • Maximize collection, but minimize storage challenge
  • What equipment
  • Remarket / Recycle


Auditable Reports


Each collection is noted on a collection template.

  • Project name
  • Date collected
  • Address collected
  • What equipment
  • Quantity collected
  • Disposal details (remarket / recycle)
  • Who at client sign off name and contact no
  • Who from AFRICA E-WASTE collected name
  • Signatories from both parties

On arrival at AFRICA E-WASTE site all equipment is scanned in on our system.

A unique asset tag no is assigned to all items. This asset tag no together with the serial no can be used during any search requirements.

The following are entered on to the system:

  • Project code
  • Date collected
  • Serial no
  • Asset tag no
  • Make
  • Model no
  • Description
  • Condition
  • If possible faulty or not

This report is sent to our AFRICA E-WASTEOperations Manager to check with the collection note. There after it is sent to the client champion.

Next, our highly trained technicianssort equipment into groups of like items, gather initial data and determine the proper routing of each piece for the next phase of the process.

All the process are duly noted on our system. Client will receive a login and password. Client can log in and view status of collection per project. Once a month a detailed report will be sent to client. If any equipment was sent for recycling all destruction certificates will be sent to the client as well.

All serial no and asset tag no can be tracked anywhere in the process and each item sent for destruction will have destruction certificated allocated to line item.
Computer lease returns are handled in a similar manner. We prepare equipment according to your lease agreement and return it for you.




All hard drives are sanitized first, as data protection is crucial to most of our customers. No unit collected is switched onprior to this step in the process.
We use a program to sanitize the equipment beyond forensic defense recovery.

AFRICA E-WASTE send the hard drives to be check for quality sanitize on a regular basis.
We recommend our customersrequest a hard drive back to do the same test. We use these letter of recommendation for our future customers.




Each item is allocated to an AFRICA E-WASTE, well trained, technician with our Operations Manageroverseeing all. AFRICA E-WASTE take pride in our service as well as our staffWorking items are checked to determinefunctionality and quality.

Non-working equipment may be disassembled so that saleable parts can provide value to you.
When items are stripped for spares it is noted on our system and a spare item is created with serial no, and unit number, make and model with description. The spares becomes available in our spare section.

Each item is checked and specificationnoted on our system.

AFRICA E-WASTEcleaning staff are the next to take the items. They inspect the items and remove all stickers and evidence to indicate where the items originated from. It is very important to us to keep our customers identityfrom our future sales customers.

Computer lease returns are handled in a similar manner. We prepare equipment according to your lease agreement and return it to you.


Return on Investment


Having an electronic management disposal strategy is one of the best ways to ensuremaximum return on investment.

The following are some of the benefits:

  • Equipment returned sooner has bigger value
  • Minimizing the shrinkage (stolen hard drive, CD/DVD ext…)
  • Rental on storage space kept to a minimum.
  • Asset registers are easier to keep up to date with equipment not to old.

We offer various options:

Because every company is different, we offer a range of pricing options to meet your needs. We explain the value of your equipment, the options and costs, and the pros and cons, then let you decide what works best for you.


Revenue Sharing


When AFRICA E-WASTEremarkets the equipment collect from client, there is a good possibility that we can give a return on investment to client.
We base our return to client, only after the sale has been complete, then deducting the cost from the sale.
A quote, with a signed purchase order no or emailapproving the quote is requiredBEFOREany collection or service is to proceed.


Purchase of Equipment


AFRICA E-WASTEpays a set price that reflects the work required for remarketing or disposal.


Cost for Sale


Cost cover logistics, refurbishment, sensitization, destruction certificate and auditable reporting. AFRICA E-WASTE then remarkets or recycles the units.




We do managed donations for our customers, by going to the donation site and record what they will require (quantity, software upgrades, training, installing).

We give a proposal to our customer and after approval we manage the process.

Customized Plan

Your optimal scenario may be to Revenue Share on newer computers and choose the Cost for Service plan for older equipment.

Whatever the case, we’ll work with you to formulate a plan that best meetsyour needs.