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23 Grader Street, Spartan, Kempton Park

Email: admin@africaewaste.co.za
GPS: -26.220321, 28.006293

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Questions on Option 1


  1. What about my data on the hard drives
    We sanitize all hard drivesbefore we start working on any units
    We offersanitizationon site and at our warehousedepending clients needs
  2. What method do you use to sanitize
    A program called BLANCCO
    We have 2 major clients who have checked their hard drives randomly and could not recover any data
    We gladly do the same with all our clients
  3. How guaranteed is the sanitization
    As we have been using this program so long and have never had any comebacks, we supply sanitization certificates per serial no of each hard drive when required.
  4. Do you give upfront proposals
    We always supply upfront proposals to all customers, and after doing site visits we have a better understanding on how best to assist them.
    We give indicative amounts (where possible), as we can only verify the price when the spec and check is done at the warehouse.
  5. How do you determine the price on equipment
    The following are all used in the pricing of any equipment:
    - Working or not
    of the units
    - Model of the units
    - Spec of the units
    - Condition of the units
    - Power supplies and AVG cables and any other cables needed to complete the unit working
    - Any licensing like OEM stickers attached and in good reading of license number
    - Existing Market Requirements
  6. How long do you take before paying
    Depending on how many units you have and how busy we are with other clients, it normally takes between 2 days to 2 weeks to complete the spec and check and to sell the units.
  7. When do we pay the client
    We always try and pay only when we have completed the project and all units sold, but there are times that the customer require upfront payment.
    We do then pay upfront, but the return to the client is less as we are taking a risk.
  8. Do you have any warranties
    The second hand Goods license, in SA require we have a 6 months warranty.
    Therefore we offer a 6 months carry in warranty on all working units.
  9. Can company staff buy back their own units
    Yes, if you give us the staff member and serial no of the unit they want, we can match it and contact them.
    We give special pricing to staff members.
    Interest sake, if you sell to your staff did you know:
    - You need second hand goods license – it is law
    - You HAVE TOO give 6 months warranty – there is no such things as VOETSTOOTS  in SA anymore
    Warranty has 3 options for the buyer and it is the buyer choice:
    1.    Replace broken with a working one
    2.    Fix broken one
    3.    Give money back


Questions on Option 2


  1. Do you give destruction Certificates
    Yes we give destruction certificates, only afterall equipment has been destroyed
  2. How do you destroy the units
    All our units are manually dismantled; there is not mechanical granulation or shredding at our warehouse
  3. What do you do with the dismantled units
    All the dismantled material is sorted and sold off in the various material groups
    All the hazardous components are sent to the areas where they must go to be NEMWA compliant